Speech impediment

Apparently being pregnant makes my speech mechanism go on permanent vacation. I was at Subway yesterday getting lunch (have you had a 6 in turkey, lettuce, black olive and LOTS of mayo lately … you should) and when the clerk was asking me what I’d like on that sandwich I was like … green peppers, leafs, I mean BLACK OLIVES – not green peppers, I do not want green peppers. And Leafs – I mean lettuce, and some more of it.

I think the problem is, I was so ready to give her my order that I had already had the conversation in my head. In my mind, I had paid and was leaving with my lunch in toe. But then she asked the question and I was like … wait, what just happened?

I was hoping that was an isolated incident too, but then today at work – NOTHING worked with my mouth. I would be talking to someone and they would turn around and go about their business – was I actually talking? I have no idea. Do I have a background voice, possible. I was telling customers to have a good morning at 4:30, I meant weekend. I said hello instead of goodbye on numerous occasions. And then there’s those times that I just completely black out. No idea what’s going on whatsoever.

I read that forgetfulness was somewhat associated with a swelling belly and an outy belly button … but not being able to form the words you’re thinking … whats that?

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