This past Wednesday I fell so hard I might not ever get up – I had my first ultrasound. This amazing human being already active and kicking and o-so-beautiful – it’s a baby, my baby. I’ve fallen in love, a love I never knew or understood before. A constant love, an “I will do anything for you” love, a surpassing love and most definitely the ultimate love.

As cliche as this sounds, I now know what my parents feel for me. What any parent has to feel – or has the capacity for.

I had no idea and I’m spellbound at the affects of this intoxicating emotion.

I was worried that I would be the minority mother who didn’t instantly love or know her child, that it would take weeks of getting used to. I’ve read in books and magazines that it can happen – that you don’t love your child right away.

But believe me you – I don’t know how this love could get bigger at this moment. I’m sure it will, and it’ll hurt and be joyous and scary – but I do know that I love this baby already. That meeting him/her will only make my heart beat faster and I can’t wait.

For technical updates: We are 12 weeks or 3 months pregnant today.

We’re not having twins.

Our due date, has changed 3 times, but as of now is January 16, 2005.

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