Battle of the Buldge Part II


And we thought my stomach was big 2 weeks ago. Man o man. Comparing the photos that we’ve taken along the way has it’s way of letting us know my body is in no way mine for the next 6 months and or longer.

So this is the beginning of trimester #2 and the books say the frequent peeing will cease – the frequent part anyway. I just have to say that is in no way true, at all. I’ve found that peeing is more of marathon for me now than it ever has been. The more I get out at once the less time before I go again, because I keep MAKING ROOM FOR MORE PEE.

And (Note to all selves, this could contain some graphic content) since when does peeing require flexing stomach muscles in order to empty the bladder. I really feel like I could be on a gymnastic team for all the bending, moving and cheering I do for myself. Just . One . More . Ounce. Go . Jodi . Go .

3 thoughts on “Battle of the Buldge Part II

  1. JODI!
    I have some free time right now (yes is Israel) and i’m reading your really great new baby section! I’m very excited for you and Aaron and glad to read that things are going well. Your tummy looks so cute! Keep up the postings.
    love from Israel–
    tracy (and David and Deb say hi too)

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