Now I know I’m going to get bigger in my mid section for the next 5 1/2 – 6 months but I am amazed at how big it already is. Sometimes Aaron and I just look at it and wonder – how am I going to be able to walk?

You see I have all of 4 inches between the bottom of my ribs and the beginning of my hips – I have NO WHERE to put this baby, but out. And to think I’m going to sport 7 pounds baby, 7 pounds amniotic fluid and whatever else – which is 14 pounds just to be clear – on the outside of “the insides” … I’m definitely going to need some kind of walker to keep me from tipping over.

I’m reading a book right now, one of many, called The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, Everything Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You; it’s a very good book and I recommend it to all pregnant woman highly. But there’s more than a chapter on how pregnancy isn’t just the belly – the whole body is pregnant. I have to say this is the best advice I’ve gotten to date on this experience because all the hair growing in weird places, the hair growing longer and faster, and my hair getting darker is very foriegn. I was writing down all these questions for my next doctors appointment until I got to that chapter. And thats just my hair. My fingernails are pregnant, my boobs are definitely pregnant, my entire bone structure is moving and making room for the pregnancy in and of itself.

Not one thing isn’t pregnant about me. Well, maybe my nose. But then again, I can smell Aaron’s morning breath before he even wakes up or moves in my general direction.

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