Because I saw a sign for 70% off …

One of my many errands took me to the outlet mall here in Holland today.

As I was driving in there was a sign and some things set up outside. BABY STUFF. It was 70% off, and when you went inside, there were signs for 50% and 30% off. I discovered Carters outlet store.

I happen to be a magnet to anything that states something is money off the lowest ticketed price. But BABY STUFF with money off the lowest ticketed price – HOLY CRAP. This baby is going to be the best dressed 0-3 month old EVER!

I bought the outfit to come home from the hospital in, and some sleepers, and onsies. I did buy 12-18 month onsies too … so I can say I’m prepared past 3 months in some way.

We haven’t really gotten anything for the baby yet on our own, we’ve been given a few things from family but we’ve been waiting to get into a new house before we unleash the baby buying power.

It’s been so hard not to buy baby stuff, most of the time I don’t go to said sections of stores but I want to so bad. And today I broke down and went INSIDE a store that only has baby clothes, games and even rain boots.

Hopefully we’ll have a new house in the next 2 or 3 months so we can register for the necessities and I can have a place to put my new baby clothes on tiny baby hangers in a baby nursery. 🙂

Did I mention we’re having a BABY!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Because I saw a sign for 70% off …

  1. Jodi-
    Just wanted to say hi again and that I’m still loving your blog. There should be more comments. i don’t have anything to add other than keep writing and everyone else leave comments.
    OK can’t wait to see you and aaron on August 1.

  2. Ben,
    I agree with you on the comments … that there should be more of them!!! I think I’m going to officially boy cot (or however you spell it) this whole posting thing until I get some good comment leavers, consistent coments that is.
    And of course until there’s something else for me to write about. People constantly ask me how I’m feeling, doing, etc and it’s always the same … because NOTHING NEW HAS HAPPENED. We’re pregnant, and everyone knows … we heard the heart beat and you read about it, we had an ultra sound and someday you’ll see it … but other than that people, this pregnant thing is boring on most scales of 1 to 10. And since I’m not going to get graphic with some of the things happening, whom only women could relate to anyway … we’re going to keep it boring for a while.

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