Cross your fingers

As some of you might know, either by word of mouth, internet or THEPARAGON.ORG – our house is for sale. For a few reasons, the biggest being THE BELLY. (da da da duh!!!) We have a 2 bedroom house and Aaron works out of one of them, this baby was going to sleep in the bathtub until recently.

World, we might have sold our house. Knock on wood, cross your fingers and poke a needle in your eye. Let’s hope so. You see because it’s getting to the point that moving sounds fun and everything, but I’m very tired, and not much help as it is, sorry Aaron. We all know I’m only going to get bigger from now on and moving in 2 months is going to be a WHOLE ‘nother story people. The swelling, the jabbing in the ribs, the not bending or being able to see my feet – picture me carrying boxes down stairs, or up them for that matter.

And since fainting seems to be my only pregnancy issue thus far, I don’t think we need me carrying any sort(s) of objects.

Not to mention the nesting. I want so badly to go in every store and buy! buy! buy!. I know this is partly just impulse, I am a woman for goodness sake … but we’re having a baby in a few months and I have NOTHING. Well, except for those few things. But the big stuff, and a nursery … we don’t have a nursery … and I want a nursery like a child at the fair who can’t reach the cotton candy counter yet and has to jump to be seen … I’m totally jumping for a nursery.

I’ve been getting magazines with room ideas for kids, and I think I have a few solid ideas for themes … but I feel like if I mention them the general public will decide for me and start accessorizing – kinda like when you have a little something in your kitchen and your mother or sister happens to notice the chickens or the apples and then for the next ten years on your birthday all you get is chickens or apples. Which are totally useful since you’ve moved twice and are now onto herbs and cottage chic … but whatever.

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