Watch out, we’re hormonal.

Did you really think that we would name our child Baldwin Arilies or Narda Chavelle … ???

I mean, seriously. For those of you who were trying to think of ways to compliment either name when the baby was born, please be relieved to know that it was a joke. Just don’t be asking us what the names are that we really have picked out because then we will be forced to name our child either Baldwin or Narda.

Now that the hormones are really starting to get in my way lets just get a few things out in the open. I cry when I haven’t eaten by 7 pm because by then it’s too much work to make a meal and too late to wait for a seat in a restaurant.

My feet, which are, no kidding, size 4 in real life are the size of small soccer balls. My toes serve no balance purpose whatsoever anymore and it hurts to get up after sitting for more than 10 minutes.

Seeing an elderly man shiver a bit from a chill makes me cry. Seeing a baby smile at their mother in the grocery store, makes me cry. Aaron says Hi when he gets home, it makes me cry.

Thinking about the color and decor of the nursery makes me cry, the feeling of a warm shower makes me cry and when Aaron rubs my feet – you’re right, I cry. But not because it’s sweet. It actually hurts when he rubs my feet and that mixed with the AWESOME feeling of NOT being on my feet is overwhelming.

There aren’t enough pickles in a jar and I now know why people want pickles with their ice cream. They’re not crazy.

And since we’re throwing caution to the wind, lets just talk about the boobs. Because fabric is stimulating I ALWAYS look like I’m freezing. And, I’m sorry, but it’s embarrassing for me too. SO STOP LOOKIKNG AT THEM! It really doesn’t help that I work in customer service and almost every male customer thinks he’s smart enough to somehow distract me or avert their eyes … I can tell when you’re not looking at my face.

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