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A side by side comparison of Jodi's stomach early in the pregnancy or at 18 weeks

This is the progression to date. The first photo I’m 2 months or so pregnant and bloated – and then the second photo I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant and swollen. Good transition if you ask me.

So this pregnancy stuff is pretty easy – just wait for #2 in like 10 years, I’ll probably be sicker than a dog and wonder why I thought I ever wanted to do this again. But oh well, I’m having a blast with it now.

I just had another doctor’s appointment this past Thursday. I’m measuring at 2 fingers below the belly button, which is normal for how far along I am and everything is fine. Baby’s heartbeat is a strong 146. And I haven’t fainted in 3 weeks! Right now the baby is about 5 inches long and the size of an avocado. Which would weigh in and a rough 1/2 pound.

Apparently I had gained a little weight since last seeing my doctor and they wanted to assure me that a small jump is ok. The thing is, I’m supposed to gain weight. If I don’t eat, my baby doesn’t grow and I get crabby. I want my baby to grow and Aaron doesn’t want me crabby. So of course I’m gaining weight.

I don’t even know what my pre-pregnancy weight was. We don’t own a scale for a very calculated reason. Therefore, my weight can’t determine who I am or what I feel like and I can be happy because I fit in the clothes I own. So a small jump in weight, which I’m assuming some pregnant ladies watch REALLY carefully … um, it’s normal to me. Pregnant = gaining weight. I mean, maybe it’s just me and I’m really out there, but it seems like common sense to me.

And we all know it takes or can take up to a year or longer to get back to whatever pre-pregnancy jeans were … I’m just going to assume it’ll take me 18 months to 2 years. I think being realistic in my gene pool is much easier than dieting endlessly for more than a year to only gain it all back in pity eating. Plus nursing apparently helps the process, and, God willing, I’ll be nursing … so we’ll just see how it goes.

What do I mean by “God willing, I’ll be nursing”??? Of course you’ll be nursing! You’re doing this pregnant thing THE RIGHT WAY, don’t stop at nursing!!!!

I know that’s what you’re thinking you people who either do or don’t have children and read way too much … but I had a breast reduction and although the chances are high I’ll be able to breast feed, it’s not guaranteed and it’s simply trial and error. So again, we’ll see.

Life is too short to expect everything and gain nothing and then hope for what we lost.

2 thoughts on “Now & Then

  1. Hey Jodi ~ you’re getting rounder and rounder!! We love it of course! One of my husband’s aunts was very tiny (as in short) ~ Aunt Arlene ~ and also hilarious ~ with a laugh that warmed your heart! She would talk of her pregnancies (because she was also short-waisted) as having people just roll her around whenever she needed to go anywhere…you couldn’t help laughing so when she’d tell her stories! And no need to worry ~ God has the nursing thing all ready planned out ~ if you can ~ YAHOO! if you cannot ~ God bless science! But nursing sure is cheaper and snugglier and less trouble (no warming up late night bottles!) ~ and after the initial struggles ~ it feels like the most natural thing in all the world! We love you Jodi ~ our sweet daughter in law! Bless you!

  2. Jodi, I never knew you are such a great writer. I have enjoyed reading your comments. You should write a book. Julie says, “They are gonna have a cute kid.” I think so too. Way to go!
    We are sorry to here about the loss of your father. You both have been in our prayers.
    All Right.

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