Like a lightning bolt outside of Crazy Horse last night a name hit us. I was going back and forth on a name that, at one point, Aaron had liked … and of course, doesn’t anymore. So we were thinking of names just trying to get our thinkers going and he said a name – and I sat there, in complete awe that I liked the name he had mentioned. Infact I love the name he mentioned and OHMYGOSH we have a name.

The rest of the meal was mostly me giggling because we FINALLY decided on a name, for a boy, AHA!

We have a few choices for a girl’s name, any of which we would love, but I think we’re solidifying that one soon too … down to one name that is. We’ll let you know when that lightning bolt hits us. Which I think it hit me today, but I have to get Aaron to agree completely.

And just so I don’t get emails secretly asking me what these names are … we’re not telling, so don’t ask.

Well, I shouldn’t say we AREN’T telling ANYONE. I’m sure Aaron will have live feed from the hospital and the moment we know, you’ll know … so in January sometime we’ll be telling.

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