A mighty task

Aaron and I halfway completed our registry today at Target and www.target.com. There are a few things I need to delete yet – but target.com isn’t that user friendly for the “already registered” right now.

We also registered at Babies R Us, found online at www.babiesrus.com (amazon supported). We got a book of information from target with suggestions of what to register for and how much of what to register for – there’s alot of stuff to register for according to these people.

There’s a few big things like the crib and changing station or dresser that we haven’t registered for partly because we can’t decide or don’t like the choices and partly because we need to match the wood to a rocking chair we already have. But we also want to check out antique markets and stores for some unconventional baby furniture, not the crib, don’t worry.

And of course there are those things that are needed but are dang expensive. Like the breast pump, car seats, etc… Good thing most of these purchases are only a one time purchase, to be reused with subsequent children.

There are a couple things I’m very excited about. The Moses basket we registered for at Target, and the cloth diapers we registered for at Babies R Us. You probably think I’m nuts to want to reuse and wash diapers, what with all the garbage I could be disposing of on a daily basis, why wouldn’t I use conventional diapering methods?

Well when they’re newborns, all they do is eat and poop or pee – so instead of throwing away his or her college fund on diapers in the first few months, why not make use of reusing environment friendly diapers? Thats what I thought. Plus, I’ve been reading reviews on amazon.com and talking to people and reading about parenting and whatnot and I think I’m making the decision to best fit our lifestyle.

The Moses basket is special to me because in Nigeria (I was born there, for those of you who don’t know) the leper’s made baskets of all kind, one being the Moses basket, which my parents purchased and it was my bed for the better part of the first year of my life 🙂

So anywho – the baby now kicks and jumps on my blatter at random but frequent times during the day and night – and, well, what can I say – it’s annoying and I have to go pee AGAIN, for the 27th time today.

After short, but much needed break … we’re back.

Um, I don’t know what else I really wanted to say about the registry, other than it’s exhausting and I totally deserve some Maccaroni and Cheese right now.

Oh – ok, I have some exciting news … I’m going part time at work in September. Which I’m very excited about. I’ll be able to help my mom with my dad and get setteled into our new house. I think it’ll be the best thing I could have done for myself during this pregnancy, with everything going on in my personal life. I’m very much looking forward to the time off.

And if this isn’t the most random ending post I’ve written lately … well, I don’t know. But the water’s boiling for my Mac-n-Cheese, and people, seriously, I don’t know how to use punctuation.

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