1/2 way there

I’m officially a little over half way through this pregnancy. So far depsite fainting and minor complications I’ve had an awesome pregnancy and have loved being pregnant.

I am getting anxious to hold this little person though. I keep envisioning sitting on the couch with this little body all curled up in the nape of my neck, breathing and making noises. I get goose bumps waiting for it.

The baby is moving a considerable amount of the time, and depending on how patient you are, you can even feel it kick. Aaron has enjoyed being able to experience this pregnancy more and more through feeling the baby and going to the doctors appointments and grilling me on whats going on at certain stages.

It’s been fun and I’m sad thats it’s more than half over, but I’m really excited to experience the next few months and stages of pregnancy and even more excited that I’m that much closer to holding our baby.

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