Ultrasound duece

Today we have our routine ultra sound. 20-22 weeks pregnant. I think I’m on the 20 to 21 week side. I really haven’t kept track of weeks, it’s not a useful system.

Anyway, normally people will find out the sex of their baby today depending on posistioning and whatnot … but we’re not normal so we’re going to pass up that surprise killer.

Maybe we’ll finally get around to scanning the first ultrasound photos along with today’s newer ones and post them up here for y’all to ogle. Thats a big maybe though, what with all the packing and the moving and the kicking my bladder … I don’t have much free time. And any free time I do find, you guessed it, I’m usually peeing so … you know, not so glamorous.

However, this morning I’ll be partaking in a little modeling if you will, some true glamour. My place of work is working along side some other organizations to support Women in Transition here in Holland. And we’re going to be modeling some clothes, everyone in a different stage of life, hence my pregnant state, to help raise money for Women in Transition.

I’ve never actually modeled, I know, I know – I’m surprised by this too. But Abercrombie and Fitch just couldn’t make their offer attractive to myself and my agent, so we passed on the whole mostly naked world recognition thing and I’ve assumed a more modest lifestyle. (Which means I wear clothes, and they cover my netherands.)

But I’m excited about this morning. I even did my hair, and if Aaron is reading this at any time during the day, he will gasp. I DID MY HAIR! but there’s more, I’m wearing (a very small amount) of MAKE-UP. COULD IT BE!?!?!? We’ll have to get some before and after pictures of this transformation for you to see, it is amazing. I look like a girl.

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