Ultrasound Update

The ultrasound was wonderful. Everything is normal and as it should be. Four chambers of the heart, kidneys, stomach, swallowing reflex, fingers, toes, complete brain, aeorta artery, spine, hip bones,thigh bones, femurs, upper and lower arm bones, and the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen.

The baby has good size feet for the age so far, which was, I have to tell you alittle disappointing. I was hoping I would give it my tiny feet. But it doesn’t look that way right now. His/her feet messure at an inch long and the torso through the top of the head is only 6 inches. My baby has gigantuous feet! But they’re so cute.

The umbilical cord is pumping inside there, which I guess I knew because it’s carrying blood, it’s logical that it would be pumping … but it’s really pumping. Ba-bump, Ba-bump, BA-bump. Kinda like a heart. It was really cool to see.

so many more months to go before I can hold and meet my baby, I’m getting really anxious for it to be here, now. I just want to count the toes and the fingers, and kiss that little head and see those eyes looking at me and Aaron. I just can’t wait!

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