Belly touching

Remeber when I said I didn’t mind people I knew touching my belly … ??? I made that comment in “I swallowed a Watermelon” entry – and let me just rephrase that for the record.

I don’t mind people I know touching my belly IF:

You’re female and I touched your belly when you were pregnant
Your name is my mom or sisters
You were in my wedding
You are Aaron.

Other wise, and this is mostly for the gentlemen I don’t know and elderly women in grocery stores … do not touch me, at all.

This morning in church I had TWO males come up from behind and extend their hands around me to touch MY stomach. (Did I mention they were behind me, like standing in a movie line and the grose couple in front of you can’t keep their hands off of eachother when he reaches around her to hold her mid section or cuddle … sick).

I knew these males, not well mind you. I knew there names and have hung out with them in crowds before … but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to touch me, at all, anywhere.

And it wasn’t just a touch, either … it was the full on rub n’ pat. Thats right – and let me just say a I have a problem with that. A slightly large problem with that. Don’t be touching my belly you male people – thats weird, and it freaks me out. alot.

2 thoughts on “Belly touching

  1. i’ve never been “with child” but i would imagine that i would not care for that either… stand your ground and just tell them no, or have your husband give them an evil look… 😉

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