$7,500 bucks or $430?

That’s right, by the age of 2 a baby poops on $7,500 worth of disposable pampers. 2 years = $7,500 FOR POOP CLOTHS!

You can see why it was a hard decision to go cloth. If Aaron were talking about internet that sentence would have read … “You can see why it was a hard decision to go wireless.” In my world, cloth diapers are wireless internet.

I found this awesome website about cloth diapering and although I have some research to do and some reading and planning yet, I’m pretty excited about the decision to go parental wireless on this one.

As you can see it’s more $7,000 savings in 2 years, and did you notice the SO CUTE frog diapers. FROG DIAPERS. I LOVE it! HA!

Man, and to think my parents put the plastic wrap type diaper cover on my cloth diapers when I was little, I could have been much more popular with the leper’s had I been blessed enough to have frog buns. Our kid is totally predestined to popularity.

3 thoughts on “$7,500 bucks or $430?

  1. I started that way with my first child – it lasted about six weeks. We used Dydee diaper service.
    Then we started getting disposables to carry while we were out.
    Then we stopped using cloth at all.
    It is a good decision, healthy for all, but you have to be more selfless than I am to carry it through. You have to clean the diaper before washing the diaper or putting in the bucket for pickup! Who needs more laundry!

  2. well we’re not planning on using a diapering service, we got a new washer and dryer with MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY (my favorite words on any appliance) for a reason.
    And as I see it, there are a lot of newer methods for cloth diapering where it doesn’t require any more work than the disposables. Other than, washing them. Which to me is no big deal because I’ll be washing onsies and pajamas and spit up cloths 24/7 … and since they’re so small, I might as well throw in some diaper loads.

  3. I made an error in the math … I take it $7,500 worth of diapers might be after 4 kids … but by the age of 2 they poop on about $2000 – but then you still have to add in the wipes and everything.
    sorry about that. My error.

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