When in doubt, piss off the pregnant customers.

I’m going to do some pretty heavy bashing on a local business … which is also national, and I hope someone out there who works there will get the picture and STOP PISSING OFF THEIR CUSTOMERS.

5/3rd Bank.

Enough said, right? I know … but there’s more.

When Aaron and I got engaged we decided to put our accounts together to get everything meshed and the bumps smoothed before the impending marriage – and to lessen stress on both our selves when we found out each other was spending X amount on something we would consider stupid. I recommend this to anyone engaged or dating with the intention of getting married. Do this BEFORE the wedding, months before.

Anyway – Aaron banked at Bank A while I banked at Bank B – I would NOT bank with Bank A and Aaron, as an effort to remain in control decided not to want to bank at Bank B … so we found Bank C and are happy customers. This will come in handy later – so remember, we’re compromising.

So today I made a deposit with 5/3rd (Bank A). The only reason we have an account there is because our mortgage is there, and you get a better interest rate if you bank with them. yea, not completely worth it.

Here’s what happened. I drive up to the drive thru, put my transaction in the tube and send it in. They say hi, I say hi and continue to keep talking, letting them know what it is I intend to do and ask them if they would be so kind as to make a copy of my check.

She had already turned the speaker off, I had to repeat myself 2 MORE times before she actually listened to what it was I had to say. Then she matter of factly mentioned there was a fee for making a copy of a check. (Check one to pissing me off) Of course there’s a fee for making a freaking copy – it’s a peice of paper, ONE PEICE OF PAPER. So I said forget it.

Then she went back to whatever she was doing, obviously not working on my transaction because she came back to me a 4th time to ask me what it was I wanted to do. I told her … again.

Speaker off.

Speaker on. – Ma’am do you have accounts with us.

HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING PURE … for the 5th time, I told her the information was written on the back of the check, including my account number and intentions for the check.

Speaker off.

Speaker on. I need to see your drivers license.

Tube out, I put my license in there, send it back and continue to fume.

Speaker on. – Ma’am, are you just depositing this??


Oh, well in that case you need to fill out a deposit slip – I’ll send one out to you.

Because for some odd reason it wasn’t easier for her to fill out, seeing as how I gave her all the information she needed on the back of my check … I wanted to throw the drive thru tube at the glass window. And I contimplated taking my transaction and driving away in hopes to send them a message. A message that would hopefully convey how awful they are at customer service, at serving the community around them and about how lazy they’re becoming. Use the pen behind your ear, write 8 numbers on a peice of paper and put the information into the computer, put your stamp on the ticket and send me a receipt.

So I filled out the dumb ticket, and sent the tube back inside. I waited 3 minutes to get my reciept back and I drove away completely pissed off that I had to be treated like someone who didn’t know tit from tat about banking.

Uh huh, did I mention I work at a bank. Thats right.

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