Pregnancy’s most embarassing moment

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and like every other one so far – there was the weighing in, the blood pressure, the asking questions and the directions for blood tests and what not inbetween this and my next appointment.

Everything is hunky dory, the doctor is about to come in and meet us and see if we have any additional questions. Well before he came in I asked the nurse about some girly things pertaining to my girly things and she suggested we have the doctor “take a look” just to ease my mind.

Ok, no big deal … I’ve done this before – I’m not nervous.

But then it happens, I’m laying on this bed with my butt hanging out in mid air and my feet hoisted in these stirrup things – and like a small wind passing in the field, I let one go.

Not just any piece of gas I keep stuck up there, I let the little airy one out – the one that makes noise like a creeky door upon exit because I’m trying my darndest to keep it up there without moving anything so the doctor won’t know I’m squirming for my dignity.

Lets just take a moment shall we?

I farted in my doctors face.

And then because I didn’t know what to do – I started laughing. Out loud. Like a school girl.

I wanted to pee my pants I was so embarassed.

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy’s most embarassing moment

  1. haha – I still can’t stop laughing at myself. I was crying last night from laughing so hard talking to Aaron about it.
    When and if it happens, Jenny, do tell 🙂

  2. Jodi,
    You should be writing a column for the Holland Sentinel. What a hoot! You are so funny. I posted this entry on the bulletin board at our office. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that can empathize and relate to this experience. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  3. Linda,
    You may post these where ever you please, how fun. Thanks for letting me know!!
    I’m so glad other people can empathize with this … more of them should admit it so when people like me go in there we aren’t mortified 🙂

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