Bee sting

Yesterday a bee stung me on my upper thigh. What a perfect place for a pregnant lady to be stung by a bee. The gods are punishing me for breaking wind in my doctors face, I’m sure.

I have no idea how this happened. I was sitting in the car and I put my window down and a few moments later I had mad-hatter the angry bee stinging the life out of his buzzer on my thigh. OUCH!

I was screaming and crying by this point – Aaron started to laugh because of how ironic it was, but soon stopped when the welling sobs of pregnant, emotional wife looked him in the eye and gave him the “You better not breathe” look.

I think we know how transitional labor will be.

It took about 7 minutes for the horrendous pain of the venom and stinger to wear down to bearable. My foot was pretty swollen, more than usual, for the rest of the night. But other than that – it seemed to be going away.

Then I woke up this morning. My thigh is, no kidding, almost double it’s size. The entire inner thigh above my knee is red and bumpy, and very itchy. Really very itchy. Did I mention I itch? alot?

I put on my a pair of my non-elastic maternity pants to wear to work this morning … by lunch time I had to come home and put the elastic pants on I was so uncomfortable. I couldn’t bend, move or walk comfortably without looking like I had just had a knee replacement.

I don’t know how long these things are supposed to last. I’ve only ever been stung by a bee on my finger, non pregnant. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it … lately it has everything to do with whatever it is I’m feeling or doing. Why not a bee sting?

Have you ever been stung? How did it happen and how did you get it go away?

PS – view the photo galleries Aaron made of the AFTER photos of our new house here.

3 thoughts on “Bee sting

  1. It sounds like you may be allergic to the bee venom. This can be life threatening. You should talk to your doctor about it. The next time it could be worse. The first time you get stung, your body makes antibodies in reaction to it. The next time, the antibodies attack the venom – causing the reaction. It can get worse each time if that is the case. If you are allergic, it can cause swelling in your throat, preventing you from breathing next time.

  2. Yes, it appears to be just that, I saw my doctor about it this morning. We have a plan of action with a back up if it doesn’t subside in the next few days. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon though.

  3. Hi Jodi! Too bad about that bee sting! We use someting called “Sting Kill” which comes in a little vial topped by a cotton swab and filled with green magic liquid. As soon as you get stung, you squeeze the vial to break it and dab the sting. We used this on Hannah and within 5 minutes you couldn’t tell she was stung (no swelling or redness) and the pain was completely gone. We’ve been using it for years – ever since David got a bee up his leather jacket sleeve while riding on his old motorcycle. It is great to have around the house and in your first aid kits. Good luck with everything – the house, the baby, and your recuperation.

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