27 weeks

Jodi's belly at 27 weeks
I get a weekly email from a website that details the baby’s progress and mine all in one. It’s very informative and fun to be in the loop on a weekly basis.

Today I’m 27 weeks pregnant. 11 more to go! (I’m being optimistic)

The baby weighs about 2 pounds and is 14 1/2 inches long. Can suck, swallow and breathe, although would need assistance breathing on it’s own if it were premature. Can get the hiccups and is in constant stimulation – the brain is doing some major developing. The baby can “think” already. Or rather, the brain is getting everything wired to do so. What a miracle. I just can’t believe it.

My body is the food source and the host home, so to say, but Aaron and I created this person who started from 2 things smaller than the eye could see and now he/she weighs almost 2 pounds – full of working organs, a beating heart, a brain making waves and the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen. I am so amazed and so in love.
Jodi looking down at her belly at 27 weeks

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