Belly dancing

Jodi sleeping with head phones straddled across belly in bed
Here it is, hard proof that we’re conforming parents.

A few nights ago we again broke out the baby bach for some good ol’ fashion sleep therapy. It obviously worked, as you can see, I’m sleeping … as is child in utero, apparently.

However, before I fell asleep we were watching the baby move and kick to the upbeat parts of the songs on my belly. He/She would be calm and relaxed for the appropriate lyrics and then fashion a new form of “belly dancing” when the lyrics and music so provided. It was, to say the least, a little fascinating.

We’ve only tried one CD out of the 6 we bought because only one mentioned lullabies in the title. And well, why would we use bath time music for bedtime, people? But maybe we’ll be crazy and conforming and throw caution to the wind and try a new one tonight.

We just might be that crazy.

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