Since I only work part time I have the ability to have dinner on the table waiting for Aaron, which would leave left overs for lunches and solve a ton of issues he seems to be having with eating at all during the day until 7 pm. It would also cut down on some spending and keep us healthier in many ways.

However, I can only make the same recipe once a month, maybe twice if I sneak it in, without Aaron getting huffy that we already had this dinner this month. He’s kinda picky. And I’m running out of tried and true recipes to make him – which means he comes home to an empty table and a hungry wife and we end up eating out or having cereal.

So I need some help – direct me to your favorite recipes, post them, email them or give me links to websites – I know about, and it’s helpful but I need more.

Whats your favorite genre of food – Aaron likes spicy or anything with meat. He likes Mexican alot too … but I have heartburn, so thats a no no mostly.

I like Italian, Aaron will eat it, but he prefers more substance. And I love casseroles.

So there you have it, feed me, literally. Give me food for thought, recipes and ideas. We’re running out at the Schaap house.

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  1. Jodi-
    i have no ideas for you, but i’m in the same boat…. we need to have a little get together and share all sorts of recipes, get out notecards etc. i know some good stir fry ideas that you can have a lot of variety with… but i’m getting married and don’t have anything in my recipe box, i mean i don’t even have a box…

  2. Hello Ladies-
    May I suggest the moosewood cookbook. The cookbook focuses on easy low cost meals. Many of the dishes are with out meat and use ingredients that are grown in the Midwest.
    Another idea is Nachoes. You can use corn tortilla’s and fry them in oil until they become chips. Through on some sea salt for extra awesome chip flavor. After that it is up to you, but I suggest concentrating on getting protiens and carbs. I like to do this by cutting back on cheese and adding refried beans and rice (not instant rice). You could also use black beans. Instead of buying salsa save money by chopping up fresh tomatos, garlic, parsely, and onions (add peppers if you like).
    Well that might be all to obviose but it is fast, complete, and can be very healthy if prepared right.
    The main problem is that Holland NEEDS a co-op. Somewhere people can go and buy grains and spices in bulk. Also having access to local veggies and organic produce. I think we all need to wright letters to someone to make sure that happens. Any ideas???

  3. Good ideas … I’ll have to try this.
    And yes Tracy – a girls night of swaping recipes is a great idea! Lets do it!

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