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World, I’ve been pregnant for almost 7 months now and you’re JUST starting to catch on??? Seriously. If you want to annoy me any more in these emotional, hormonal ridden weeks ahead … please ask me one more time “Oh, and when are you expecting???” or “I didn’t know you were pregnant!!! When are you due??”

Because I’m not wearing a shirt that reads:

Pregnancy under construction, due in January.

I’m somehow pissing certain Holland veterans off. Well I’m sorry.

I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for almost 4 months now, my stomach has been steadily increasing in size and you’re just now deciding I’m pregnant? So, what, 2 months ago I was fat? Nice. Real nice.

Not only am I getting constant ogle eyes and questions, even advice on what to wear (because I don’t know how to dress myself) I’m also getting the occasional – “You’re only 6 1/2 months pregnant? You’re so BIG for 6 1/2 months, I bet you’re going to have a big baby.”

Uh huh, yea – right in the gut, below the belt and if I had them, in the knockers.


Regardless of your relationship with her, regardless of whether or not she’s said so herself and regardless of what you think – just stop talking.

I, myself, in my head, all alone in a corner somewhere, on some level am OK with getting bigger – I’m having a baby … it’s only natural. But strangers who think it’s OK to tell me how big I am or how big they think my baby will be have obviously not had to think about pushing this alleged HUGE baby out of their netherlands. Nor have they been recently thinking about the fact that their thighs used to be able to wave at each other from across the crotch – now they’re Siamese twins, joined together for the journey.

Have I mentioned the size of my boobs lately? Because holy crap I have 2 more babies growing inside of each of them, I swear. And they LEAK! Not only do I have enough problems with sweating, seriously – I have problems with sweating. But now I have to be conscious of the rings that might appear on my shirt FROM MY LEAKING NIPPLES.

Does this experience get any more humiliating?

4 thoughts on “Public Notice

  1. Jodi ~ I would say that the leaking is a GOOD thing ~ it is all in perspective ~ it probably means you will have no trouble nursing the baby. Plus, there are pads you can wear that will absorb the surprise leaking, therefore no rings. I had to wear them ALOT! For awhile you’ll feel like you can feed half the babies in America, but you WILL regulate according to your own baby’s needs soon enough. Second, tolerance is important, and forgiveness of the human characteristic of saying what comes into one’s mind. I really believe if you took the baby off your tummy, and put it on someone taller, with a longer waist, you would be just right. God just made you smaller, so you look ‘all-baby’ ~ but the only one you really need to listen to is your doc. Again, in perspective, these inconveniences are normal, and will only last a brief time in accordance to the years of joy ahead of you and Aaron. Hang in there. Volcanic hormonal erruptions alienate people ~ tolerance and laughter at those awkward comments that make your blood boil, may give you less gray hair in the long run! As I said before ~ the present pain is just a trial run. You’re in good hands, and you’re surrounded by prayer. Smile up. You can do this!

  2. *hug*
    i think pregnant women are so beautiful, its truely a gift from God to be where you are right now, bringing another life into the world, and there is literally nothing more precious.
    people can be insensitive jerks a lot of the time, and it sucks when comments hurt. being gracious isn’t easy, but i know you can be, i’ve seen it in your life before.
    i’m excited for you and Aaron, and will continue to pray for the two of you and Baby Schaap. i’ll also pray that people who are less bright than most of the population keep their mouths glued shut. (if you need me to beat up someone i will gladly delgate that out to my 6’5” fiance!!)
    love you Jodi!

  3. I was writing for comical relief, not out of an outburst of hormones aiming to alienate.
    Besides, I wouldn’t be who I am if I kept my mouth shut all the time. So I’m not going to.
    Leaking is a good thing, but it’s also akward and very commical which is why I write about it.
    I’ve had a very good experience being pregnant, I’m amazed on a daily basis at the miracle inside me and I often think of how surreal this experience is. How beautiful and perfect we’re made to create life.
    I feel our baby kicking all the time and I’m reminded constantly of the wonderful life I live. The fact that I have my health in order to be having kids in the first place is something I thank God for every day.
    I’m not ungrateful for being pregnant, or it’s humilation or akwardness. This is the beginning of the rest of my life – there just happens to be alot of funny and embarassing moments along the way – in which I write about.
    Thanks for the thoughtful advice – nothing I haven’t read about in the stack of literature I’m plowing through night after night – but still good to hear from people I know – not words on a page. 🙂

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