I saw a sign

It happened again. I saw a sign, and it opened up my eyes, I’m so happy now …

I could go on with the tune in my head, back from the day of Ace of Base.

Back on track though – I did see a sign, for 50% off all sleepwear at CARTERS. I love that store. I broke down and went in to “browse”. Ha ha ha ha.

Pregnant people can’t “browse” at baby stuff, we have to buy it. All. I did restrain myself, barely, and bought only one sleeper. But then I got some bibs that say “Give pee’s a chance” or “Bon appetite” or “Thank Heaven for little babies”. Oh and then there were those blankies with the bear head, you know the ones, with satin around the edges and on the underside … yea, I couldn’t really resist those either.
But thats all I got. Did I forget to mention that I systematically replaced all 5 of the other sleepers I was planning on buying – Aaron would be so proud. 🙂
This photo taken last week Saturday or Sunday at 28 weeks.

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