I have ANKLES!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy … I woke up this morning (long pause to build anticipation) with ANKLES!!!

I am the smartest woman in the world, I have ANKLES. I can do anything, I have ANKLES! Mawhahahahahaha, I have ANKLES!

You better believe it – I have single handedly come up with the formula to outsmart pregnant ladie’s water retention problems, I’ll be rich, RICH I TELL YOU!

It’s pillows. Lots and lots of pillows. And water – drink it like you expect to continually be on the toilet. All day.

And when you’re sitting, at all, anywhere, ever – put your feet above your abdomen. As in “up” – how the books like to describe it.

I’m a genious – I know. It took the last 4 months to get that one right. The trick is pillows at bed time. We have 4, 3 of which I already consume under and around my belly and legs – but it wasn’t doing the trick for my ankles and the water retention. So last night I went rumaging through the house to find more pillows and I found one. An old sofa pillow. You know the ones, over stuffed, too hard to use for your head, ugly designs. Yea, well my feet loved it. And now I have ANKLES!

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