NOT a heroin addict, I swear.

The test went well this morning, I was to be poked in the arm a total of 4 times to draw blood at various intervals to determine my tolerance to the nasty orange glucose drink they make you down in 5 minutes or less.

I was poked 6 times, 4 of which actually drew the darn blood. I have very small veins, we’re talking tiny. They always use the butterfly needle on me, and sometimes thats even too big.

The first 3 times I was poked I had the same lady doing all the poking, and I was happy with her efficiency. She didn’t have to poke me more than once to find a vein or blood and she hit the vein right away, you know, instead of shoving it in the general area and then “looking” around for it.

But what was supposed to be my last poke was done by another tech … and lets just say she wasn’t as efficient. She was a fan of shoving the needle in the general area and looking around for the vien, not once, or even twice, but 3 times she did this – and in both of my arms, before she manipulated my scared veins to give in and bleed already.

This would have upset me far more if I had a fear of needles, or if I even cared really. Shots don’t bother me, nor does giving blood for any kind of test. It’s just more annoying than anything, because tomorrow I’m going to look like a heroin addict who’s abusing the same vein way too many times in one day. Thats right, I also bruise feakishly easy.

So I won’t know anything about the results until either my doctor calls me or I call them and see what they think. I will probably call tomorrow, seeing as how I didn’t get a call tonight about anything – I’m taking that as a good sign.

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