Glucose update

I keep forgetting to write a follow up on the glucose testing I went through last week. Or did I? Now I can’t remember. You see, amnesia. Uh, I think I wrote about the process of being poked too many times … but did I ever tell you the outcome? Oh who cares, you’re getting it again it I did already.

I’m normal. Well, mostly. My blood sugar does spike a bit after the first hour, but then goes back down into normal ranges and fixes itself over the next 2 hours. So they don’t see a need for alarm and I’m homefree to eat carbohydrates baby. Not excessively, moderately – but with passion. And the fruit I can continue to eat – I would have cried, alot, if I couldn’t eat my fruit.

We’re noticing a pattern in my eating here at the Schaap household. It’s not that I crave one certain food over and over again … it’s that I crave COLD food over and over again – fruit is awesome because you can make it bite size and stick it in the fridge and I’ll have atleast 2 hours of continuous healthy snacking, on COLD food. Pop cicles don’t really do the trick, they’re messy. It has to be something with substance, like a blizzard for instant. or Fruit.

And I know you love me when you keep the Brita water filter FULL of water on a regular basis, and the ice trays in the freezer STOCKED with ice … because you know I’m going to be at the water game for the entire 14 to 16 hours I’m awake during the day. LOVE ICE COLD WATER – HEAVY ON THE ICE.

So, in conclusion – of what I’m not sure, this post for one … it’s kinda random … anyway – I’m home free from the diabetes of gestational type and I like anything COLD, pretty much.

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