Baby shower madness

This evening I attended the baby shower my mom put together and threw in my honor. This was my 3rd baby shower. I’m a little uncomfortable at showers, I don’t really like being in the middle of all these people opening gifts. It’s just akward. But I had a ball tonight. OK, I had a ball at all my showers.

I do have a piece of advice for all prospective shower throwers out there though. Games. They are fun, and we need them to break the ice and make fun of whoever the shower is for. But the whole “Guess how big around she is” game at the baby showers – NOT FUN!

I had to endure this game, for the second time, and lets just say people over estimate. ALOT.

There was one patron who guessed too little – and I love her for it. She is my favorite. Forever.

But my own mother and sisters – the sisters have all been recently pregnant themselves … guessed WAY TOO much … and, well … poop on them.

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