Holy crap

Incase you all don’t read the comments as you read the posts … let me just reitterate what my mother-in-law stated. Aaron was 8 lbs and 13 oz.

Thats almost 9 lbs. Which is almost 10 lbs, which is cause for a freak out. Before you know it I’ll be birthing a toddler, who walks and talks and dresses itself.

I want a baby, an itty bitty little tiny baby. With the lamb cry and the worlds smallest bottom and fingers and toes that all fit into Aarons palm at once. With miniature ears and a button nose.

Yes I’m obsessed with miniature things. I’m that person in the grocery store looking at the sample sizes, not because I’m wanting to try a new product or I’m going on vacation – I’m obsessed with miniature things. The miniature mixing bowls for condiments … CONDIMENTS! Who needs a bowl for condiments, I do. And I have 4. The miniature cheese grater, whisk, spatulas – I own them all. The little miniature baby bathroom stuff, yeah – uh had all that BEFORE we got pregnant. I like miniature things … it’s cute and it makes me laugh and giggle – and it embarasses Aaron. (in public, the giggling … about the miniatures)

But 8 lbs 13 oz??? Thats small, yes, I’ll give you that, but … holy crap.

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