It happened

It finally happened – the leakage from the boobage went beyond the 4-lane highway strap nursing bra to the outer layer of clothing in a very visible, distinct, dark round circle about my nipple area.

Thank goodness I was at home and Aaron was the one to point it out to me. The milestones we’ve covered are endless.

Out come the nursing pads – which make you sound like a stuffed bunny when walking if your shirt isn’t baggier than the 4XL t-shirt Uncle Frank wins at his bowling league every year.

2 thoughts on “It happened

  1. hey dear-
    i’m not sure if that was supposed to be funny, but it was. i’m sure it would have been less funny if you were out in public! keep the stories coming 🙂

  2. Actually it sounds like a diaper – not a stuffed bunny. I couldn’t put my finger on the words to explain the phenomenon … but it finally clicked. My boobs wear diapers.

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