More remodeling of the Schaap house

Because being 8 months pregnant isn’t project enough for the Schaaps – we’re also having our roof torn off and re-done this week, along with a few other minor updates inside the house.

Atleast we’ve gotten smart enough to outsource these jobs – but sometimes I wonder about our sanity and the parenting thing.

Aaron is a big fan of picking up and leaving on a Friday night, we like to frequent Chicago for the arts and museums and culture- as well as the fun shopping and endless eating variety. And I’m sure that after a month or two of staying in everything night with a new baby he’s going to get the crazy idea that – HEY we can take a newborn to Chicago for the weekend, in the WINTER and I’ll be just delirious enough from sleep depravation and needing human contact that I just might agree to his plea – and we’ll be “those people”.

The brand new parent thinking it easy to pick up a newborn, overpacking it’s gear and heading 3 hours away from family and sanity as we partake on an adventure I’m sure might cure us of ever wanting more than one child.

I always said I wanted a big family – and even though this pregnancy has literally been a breeze for the most part – I’ve consistantly stuck with the notion that maybe one isn’t so bad after all. Aaron thinks I’ll change my mind – but I don’t know. I haven’t changed it in the past 8 months … and I guess time will tell – but I am not making plans for more at this point – so don’t ask when we’ll be doing this again, as it seems to be the new question on every one’s tongue – let me have one first … and MAYBE if I forget I ever thought about only one, then we’ll THINK about it – and MAYBE you’ll hear we’re pregnant – but you definantly won’t be part of the planning committee, so sit still and enjoy this one. It might be all we have.

I love my families, bless all their hearts … but before we even got pregnant some of them were constantly asking us when – and at the time we were telling people our plans to wait 3 years. As you might have guessed or noticed, we’re pretty private about our plans – and only after we’ve made the final decission will we regress and confess our diviations. It’s just simply not anyone’s business wether or not we’re trying to get pregnant. And since there was fear that I might not be able to get pregnant we definantly didn’t want people knowing we were trying or had made the decission that “when it happens, it happens.”

Now that we are pregnant and they’ve all reveled in the fact that they ‘told us so’ they’re moving on to tell me what it’ll be like in 10 months, a year, or two … I don’t know if they’ve noticed this yet, but I’m still pregnant. I haven’t had this baby yet and some people are already making plans for Christmas pictures thinking the baby will have arrived already. Let me just say this. I’m due in January. Having the baby early would be nice, of course – but if I was to believe that I was going to deliver early and then I went over my due date I would be one miserable S.O.B for the entire holiday – and the weeks afterward.

I’ll just say it again, I’m STILL pregnant. Still. Pregnant. Baby hasn’t arrived, isn’t due for another month – I’m still pregnant. With the baby inside me. Pregnant.

BUT the best part about this rant I’m on right now, is the fact that – even though I’m STILL FREAKING PREGNANT WITH THIS ONE – they’re already asking me WHEN I’LL HAVE THE NEXT ONE!??? For the love of everything holy, if I hear this question ONE MORE time from family – I WILL go balistic on your ass. In Person. For certain people in particular – STOP RUSHING ME. Stop it.

We’re getting our roof re-done.

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