I’ve decided to name my pregnancy schizophrenic tendency hormones Spike. Because one moment I’ll be docile and calm, thinking about holding a baby and yeah!, how fun that is – and then a squirrel will run through my backyard and I’ll start thinking about how annoying that is that a squirrel just ran through my serene picture.

Which tail spins into a dozen other things, like how stupid squirrels are … and it goes down from there. It can lead back to calm moments where I’m laughing at myself for the obvious tantrum my mind just played on me … or it can get as bad as calling Aaron balling because I don’t know if I can do this anymore, a damn squirrel is in our backyard and didn’t you know they’re stupid!?

Aaron’s a very busy man – yet he takes my calls, most of the time, and even when I’m ranting about rodents, where ever they reside or I’m crying because my feet are swollen or I just saw a pampers commercial and the baby was smiling – which is cause for uncontrollable tears … he listens to me. He comforts me, he comes home to a wailing pregnant wife and he still tells me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. And he always makes me feel better.

He calms the Spike inside of me. He lets me cry about the dust bunnies under the coffee table – he lets me laugh about my bodily functions. He rubs my cramped feet and gets me milkshakes at midnight.

He is an example to all husbands out there who have or will have a wife or pregnant wife – it’s men of Aaron’s caliber that make the world go round some days and I’m desperately lucky to call one my own.

He’s going to be one awesome dad and his being a husband and friend gets better everyday. I cannot wait to discover new life with him.

Aaron, I love you.

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