Good days

Today is a very good day. I think it has something to do with the fact that the baby has actually been sleeping for more than 10 minutes at a time today – and its feet aren’t lodged in my diaphragm – so I can breathe.


I also think it has something to do with the fact that I had a maternity massage this morning. I love my maternity massages, I get one every month – it’s like Heaven. I get to lie on my belly. HA! They have this special pillow – called the Prego Pillow, and it has all the right padding so I can lie on my stomach, for an hour.

And I CAN BREATHE! And I got to LAY ON MY STOMACH for an HOUR! Well, not the whole hour – but most of it. There is a God.

I’m having such a good day, in fact, that I’m treating myself to a diet Pepsi in the middle of the freakin day. I’m not afraid of caffeine, I just don’t drink pop, at all – unless we’re out and they have dr. pepper at the restaurant. But today; Today is a good day – and I’m drinking pop in the afternoon!

I think most of all though, what I can credit this awesomeness in my attitude to is the fact that I went on an anti depressant about a month ago and we’re finally seeing the constant effect of the medicine. I got to the point of no return. Waking up was torture on a daily basis for me. And trying to get to sleep was anxiety ridden with fear and horror about what was to come tomorrow.

I do know from my past that we took action before it got too bad – being proactive rather than reactive is the smartest way to be when you’re dealing with depression or anxiety.

So here I am, feeling awesome and having a GREAT day. And I definitely owe to my awesome doctors, supportive husband and friends, and to having pop in the afternoon.

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