Yesterday Aaron and I headed to Chicago for the day. A last hurray to get out of Holland before the baby arrives. It was alot of fun. We mostly window shopped and walked the Magnificent Mile – Aaron found the APPLE store so we spent some time in there. We were planning on going to the Shed’s Aquarium, but after we finally got done walking and window shopping and eating at Pizza Uno’s we were pretty whipped and decided to call it a night.
I have to say that I love Chicago though. It was crazy busy being the holiday season and everything, but the people and the diversity and the street performers. I just love the activity.
When my mom and dad were dating, I was about 10 – we would pack up almost every free weekend and head to Chicago. I have so many great memories there. My dad always drove a suburban, so my sister and I would get the back all situated and pull the seats down so we could lay down and giggle for 3 hours. We’d bring all our pillows, and I’d of course have my blanket. We’d make the tradition stop at the gas station before leaving Holland and load up on snacks and sugar.
Sometims it would take up 7 hours to get to down town – we’d stop along the way at antique stores or off the path towns for lunch. Or we’d tour the suburbs of Chicago and just talk about the houses and the landscaping. There was one trip we went on that they made a special effort to take us through the projects and the more dangerous part of Chicago.
We’d always eat at Gino’s East – our favorite pizza joint where you can write on the walls. We frequented the museums and the zoo – and we always made a stop at FAO Schwartz … we HAD to play with all the toys. And by “we” I mean, my sister, me and my dad. My mom would get into it too – but she liked to watch from afar mostly. šŸ™‚
So many memories. I’ll always love Chicago.

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