I’m still thirsty, maybe I should chew on ice.

I’m thirsty all the time. No seriously – all the time. But I’m running in to a slight problem. My stomach is quite small, it’s ability to hold the 3 liters of water I consume before lunch is getting harder and harder.
I just can’t get enough cold liquid in my body. And I’m a gulper – so it’s not like I can sip at a glass of ice water, no … if I have ice water I want to drink it. All. In one swallow. And I can, and do frequently.
The problem lies in the fact that after I gulp down 8 to 12 ounces of liquid I’m left feeling REALLY full. Sometimes nauseous. But I’m still thirsty. And all I want is more water, cold cold water.
Maybe I should chew on ice. Hmm. Why haven’t I thought of this before? The key to my COLD cravings could very well lie in ice. And alot of it.

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