Pregnancy needs a routine

I’ve recently become a full time house wife. My last day of work was December 1 in and effort to get ready for the baby and be a full time mom when it arrives. The extra time I have is wonderful – I’m able to get so many more things done in a day and be able to relax as well. But the whole not having a schedule thing … really messes with the brain.
I already can’t remember anything, now I don’t even know what day or date it is. This is bad when I’m the one in charge of paying the bills. We do have a system that makes it mindless to get them out on time – so there’s no worry there … but if we didn’t have this system … I would be going mad trying to stay on top of everything.
Not to mention the onslaught of appointments I have. I should carry my planner around with me, and I do on occasion … but lately it sits on my kitchen counter – and I consult it every night before bed and every morning when I’m getting ready for my day – and I still forget things. Appointments, people, things needed to be done.
It can be quite frustrating, but I’m learning to create my own routine and stick to it so there’s no confusion as to what has to be done when. Including when naptime is. Very important. The Nap Time.
It could be a good thing that I don’t know what date it is … This morning I realized it was the 14th of December and almost shot myself in the foot I was so excited. Time is flying. But that means Aaron’s birthday is 2 days away – and holy crap. Aaron’s birthday is 2 days away.
Not to worry – the presents and birthday card are all waiting for him patiently. But we have this tradition that I bring him lunch or take him out on his birthday and this year he wants me to bring him lobster – which I will do … but I can’t forget to go buy the lobster and make it. I have to put this on my calendar. Where’s my calendar!?
Which means that in 3 days I’m good to go if the baby comes early. The doctor said anytime after the 17th would be considered full term, aka not premature. So it would be a normal delivery. Anytime before that I would be brought to another hospital where they could better treat myself and the baby.
Mwahahaha, I’m almost out of the water! Let the waiting game begin! (I assure you all, I’m expecting to deliver this baby sometime after my due date in Jan. Let’s just hope it’s not February when that actually happens)

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy needs a routine

  1. Welcome the real life of a freelancer. Disciplining yourself not only to keep track of meetings but also to keep track of the hours you need to work and yours you should be relaxing.
    As for a schedule – there are a few out there that are pretty helpful. I’m pretty sure your husband can help you out in this area though – he’s so smart šŸ˜‰

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