Take my license away, seriously.

I shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car anymore in this pregnancy. Lets just recap the horrific ordeal I voluntarily put myself through in a parking lot yesterday.
I went downtown Holland to enjoy a little of the festivities with some coffee from the local hot spot, JP’s. There is a limited amount of parking in downtown Holland, because … well – I don’t know why, we’re popular. So I see there’s a space available in-between a minivan and a jeep. No problem, I take it. Done deal, right?
Except that neither the minivan nor the jeep were correctly parked in their allotted spaces, leaving the parking space I took big enough for a motorcycle. Yet, I still parked my car there.
And by the grace of God I actually got out of my car. If the owner of the minivan was present they would have looked on horrified at the big pregnant belly literally smushing and squeezing to get through the door and out of the car. It was a sight.
But not as much of a sight as getting back into the car. A woman near by was getting her child out of the car and into the stroller – she actually stopped mid air with child and watched in utter disbelief as I had to climb through the passenger side of my car to gain access to the drivers side.
Uh huh, and I drive a Honda civic 5 speed – so, although there’s ample seating while in the car, there isn’t ample move from seat to seat room, and there’s a shifting mechanism and an E-brake in the way. I sat on both of them, amazed that neither broke off and that they all functioned normally as I began to drive away.
And the image you have in your head should include me with my head leaning against the drivers side window, my butt sitting on the consul in the middle of the car, my left foot wiggling around trying to get my body to straighten itself and my right foot sticking STRAIGHT up in the air. Oh and my belly, on the steering wheel.
It took me a good 5 minutes to get into my car, all the while onlookers and passerby’s stopped to make sure I was ok. And the lady with the baby – yeah … she was still staring.

4 thoughts on “Take my license away, seriously.

  1. i hope i have as many good stories as you do when i am “with child” You make me laugh all the time, and it makes me excited to one day (in the far far far distant future) have this experience for myself! thanks for writting about it šŸ™‚

  2. Well thank you, I’m happy to share my stories, however embarassing they are. Someone’s gotta tell us ladies what to REALLY expect.

  3. Jodi-
    I too just wanted to comment on your writing and wit. I enjoy your webpage and through your writing I feel I’m able to understand your experience a little more. Keep it coming. I hope you continue to write even after having your child.

  4. Thanks ben, I’ll keep it coming for as long as I can. I’m sure there will be more photos than words after the baby is born – but I’ll get back on the bandwagon and keep writing about parenthood too. Oh the surprises we’re in for. … it’s going to be interesting.

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