Wilderness Wife

I’ve become a wilderness wife for the next 3 days. As per annual tradition Aaron and his buddies head up to Wilderness every year about this time to do some male bonding, catch up, talk about whatever it is they talk about and get ready to ring the new year refreshed.
I’m the only wilderness wife this year – there are alot of wilderness fiance’s, but I, alas, am the only wife. And I’m pregnant. I’m in the beiginning on the 9th month pregnant and I let my husband galavant off 4 hours away where cell phones don’t exsist. Pray for me.
I’m actually not worried about it. But because I’m not worried about it, and I’m not expecting it … of course this would be the weekend it would happen. And what a story that would be. Not very funny for the first couple years, because well I’d be subject to bitterness at having Aaron 4 hours away while I was delivering our baby – but I’m sure it would get funnier. Someday. Hopefully.
Oh the irony.

One thought on “Wilderness Wife

  1. call me and i’ll come to the hospital! i’m around all weekend šŸ™‚ and it will be funny, not for about 7 or so years, but after that, hilarious!

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