9 months and still counting

Before I get started here let me just say that my husband comes home today … HOORRAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that I got that out of my system, I might mention it atleast 7 more times, because I’m THAT excited about him being home … I’ve missed the guy. Alot.
So now that we’re in the home stretch as people like to refer to it, I’m constantly getting asked when I think I’ll have the baby – early? late? and perfect strangers like to tell me when I’ll be delivering. This was fun for the first day, now it’s just a reminder that I have NO IDEA when this baby is coming – and since I can’t predict the exact moment, won’t you please do it for me?
I just keep telling everyone I’m expecting to go into January – past my due date. Anything before that would be a wonderful surprise. However realistic, who knows.
I do have to say though that I’m getting even MORE excited about having this baby every day. I thought I was excited last week – but this week, I’m DISNEY WORLD EXCITED – to meet this person, this miracle I’ve been carrying around, growing, nurturing and loving … what a day that will be. I can’t believe I’m going to love this baby even more – my heart serisouly aches with anticipation.
And to watch Aaron be a dad – man o man, ladies … I will be falling head over heals in love with my husband all over again, and then some. To see his excitment and his eagerness – and to know that he’ll be the dad every kid deserves. I’m going to be watching the most precious of all storylines on a daily basis. To see his big hands gently cradle our baby, to watch him fret over an upset stomach or a fever, to see him pick out an outfit, dress and bathe the baby on his own – to meet him and the baby at the door after I’ve been out … I can’t explain it. and I can’t wait.

One thought on “9 months and still counting

  1. Jodi-
    i love to read your posts, to hear you talk about your child, your miracle just brings tears to my eyes, it makes me want a baby of my own (in a long time from now!) i’m excited for you and Aaron, and can’t wait to meet Baby Schaap! i’ll keep praying for you in these “last days!”

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