Happy holidays

I was doing some errand running today which brought me to the Holland Mall which brought me in direct contact with every jerk living within a 50 mile radious to the mall.
Let me explain. I’m shall we say obviously pregnant and yet I had elderly gentlemen CUTTING IN LINE infront of me. Oh and then there was that one older fella who was just short of ripping me a new one for standing in the aisle because thats where the line ended, and didn’t I know he needed to gain passage through the hallway – when he was sighing in his disbeliefe and utter disgust I turned to him, hormones and all and I was the one who asked him if he needed something …
Sir, are you in line or did you need to get past?
Well excuse me, I’m alittle bigger than I used to be, it’s kinda hard not to take up some extra room, ALLOW ME TO MOVE FOR YOU.
Grunt. And he walks on. But as he’s walking on he says, in a sarcastic tone with intentions to gain my intellegence “Hello … ”
Not hello like Hi, no it was Hello like, duh stupid …
Kinda like the women in the line at the grocery store who would look at me, see that I was pregnant and then look at my ring finger … which was empty because my hands are so swollen. I’d either hear a daughter telling her mom that I was pregnant, and I don’t look married. Or the Grandmas would tell me they were praying for me … or there were the people who just stared, even though I was starring back at them to give them the obvious message that I SEE YOU STARING AT ME.
Most of the time I would answer their question for them and offer the information of my swollen digits. “Hi, excuse me … I can’t help but notice you starring at me, and my ring finger … I just wanted to put your mind at ease and let you know my wedding ring is a bit tight these days. Thanks for your concern though.” They were embarassed to be caught thinking such a thing and immediately stopped looking my way. AS YOU SHOULD, I would hope you’re embarassed and even ashamed of yourselves. So obviously and openly judging someone, right in front of them.
Holidays really bring out the best in people, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Happy holidays

  1. Hi Jodi, I don’t think you know me, but I’m a friend of Aarons from way back and I ran across your web page and have been keeping up with it on a pretty regular basis. It’s very entertaining. Anyways, the reason I write is because I had a gut wrenching feeling that something like that was going to happen to you sooner or later. (The glares and stares of judgement.) Leave it to those nosey conservatives in Holland who are so quick to pass judgement on other people and have the nerve to do that to a young pregnant woman. No matter whether they are married or not. IT’S NOT THEIR BUSINESS!!! Good for you to stand up for yourself and put them in their place. Even those little old women, who believe or not, as senile as they like to come across sometimes, they know what their saying and should not be spared the wrath of honesty. Sorry about that rant, but I just want to say CONGRATS to you both! You will be amazing parents! Happy holidays!

  2. Hi Missy –
    Thanks for posting! and don’t apologize for the rant, thats what this is all about!!! šŸ™‚ I love it when I get feed back.

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