My feet are swollen? I must be in labor!!!

Morning has come once again. I made it through another night of tossing, turing, peeing and dreaming.
We had an interesting start to our night last night – we were timing contractions. Which turned out to be the Braxon Hicks – but it was good practice. We weren’t sure what to look for and since a few other things have happened in my body, that because I love my mom I won’t share with the internet, we know that we’re getting started in this process. But that still means it could take us past our due date. We’re just newbies and everything is a sign. (Or so we think … )
After a backrub from the BEST HUSBAND EVER and a few chapters in my book I was out for the first 2 hours of my fight to slumber. And I woke up, 5 times later – this morning with no pain or discomfort and a moving baby who likes to be called “pumpkin” every morning.
I’m afraid we might be those first time parents who end up at the hospital with false labor 4 times before the real deal. Either that, or we’ll be in the “Transistional” stage of labor before we realize whats going on and we’ll make it to the hospital in the nick of time.

One thought on “My feet are swollen? I must be in labor!!!

  1. I can hardly wait for this beautiful baby to arrive!! I am full of anticipation with you, here in Chicago!! I can only imagine what you are going through on a daily basis!! God Bless your family this season!! Much love!

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