Breath of Heaven

Dear baby,
Today is Christmas 2004. I’m 3 weeks away from meeting you for the first time and I am so excited. Last night dad and I went to the Christmas Eve service at church and there was a solo sung called “Breath of Heaven” – Baby, you are my breath of Heaven.
I’ve waited so long for you to come about. I’m amazed that God is so big that he can knit you together in my womb. That we, of all people, of all sinners, who don’t deserve anything, would be chosen to be your parents. I’m overwhelmed with the possibilities and the joy your life has already brought into my life.
Of course I have dreams and hopes for you – I wonder what kind of person you’re going to be and the person you’re already becoming. Are you going to be a cuddler or an independent child? Are you going to excel in sports or music, or are your interests in books and art? I just can’t wait to find out. To watch you unfold – to continue witnessing the miracle of you throughout the years to come.
I can feel you moving, I can feel your hiccups, I know when you’re turning around or getting comfortable. I love you so much. There are just no words to describe the emotions I have for you.
I hope throughout your life I’m able to show and teach you how to be proud of the small things. Take joy in life as it comes to you, enjoy the people and family around you – and most of all to teach you that we’re all just “breaths of Heaven” – we’re here for but a minute and then this life is over.
You’re just beginning, your life, your world … and you are my Breath of Heaven.
I love you, my sweet sweet baby.

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