Who dropped the baby?

Over the past week or so the baby has been “dropping”. More noticably to those around me than to myself – I was still feeling the feet up in my throat … so whether or not the head or body was dropping meant nothing to me – I still couldn’t breathe.
Until today. I woke up and I finally understood what “dropping” meant. I can breathe. I have a very small section of waist at which to bend semi-freely again and I have energy!
No seriously. I haven’t taken a nap today because I have SO MUCH ENERGY. Cleaned, picked up, did 8 loads of laundry, finished my book, cleaned some more, started organizing bathroom closet … packed bag for hospital … but no nap. Not even tired.
And because the head has dropped and sitting directly on my bladder I can actually empty my bladder. None of this sissy-pants urination anymore. I get RELIEF!
Mwahahaha, I can breathe, bend and pee in total confidence – the baby has dropped!

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