I am, in fact, still pregnant.

I’m usually up; as in awake, at this hour everyday. But to be out of bed is entirely another story. I like to lie in bed and think about what my day will entail, and I might dream about the baby or motivate myself to do something. But this morning at 6:50 am – Aaron and I were both awake and talking, and trying to fall back to sleep for the last 30 minutes …
It didn’t work. We both woke up and as Aaron was getting ready I rallied all the trash together for Aaron to take to the curb, I made and ate breakfast, checked my email, did some minor pick up and now I’m updating the website.
My mom would be so proud of me – I used to be a pain to get up in the morning, I was very crabby if woken and it took me FOREVER to get going. Now I stare at the clock starting at 5:30 and watch the minutes pass until it’s light enough outside that I can be in the kitchen with hardly any lights on baking or cooking.
And of course, eating. I wake up at my 4:30 run to the bathroom STARVING. Only once, though, have I actually fed the desire. Otherwise I just drink, actually gulp, my water and head back to bed.
For the first 8 hours of the day, if I didn’t notice my belly I wouldn’t think I was pregnant at all. Infact, I’ve had to check before, while driving or cooking or something to see if it was still there … I feel so “normal”.
Then around dinnertime, or a bit before, I don’t need to be reminded. It gets uncomfortable and heavy and my bones start to ache …
This really is a science project. I love it. I love how my body is equipped to handle this, even though I wish it wasn’t at times. Biology has always been a passion for me, I love seeing how God can be so Big, so Magnificent that He put us together, not just us, but the universe, in such a way that everything – absolutely everything has a purpose. Daily, I’m in awe.

2 thoughts on “I am, in fact, still pregnant.

  1. jodi your updates are entertaining. merry christmas, happy new year, and best wishes in this the final stretch! i offer my baby-sitting services come summertime. (how old does a baby have to be before you can leave him/her with a total stranger?)

  2. Ethan –
    HI!! Well – I don’t think we’ll ever leave our baby with a total stranger. But friends, well as soon as I’m comfortable leaving the baby at all, I suppose. They don’t have to be old enough – I have to be strong enough. šŸ˜‰
    We can’t wait to see you again! This summer is going to ROCK.

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