The words I swore I would never say.

In the event of feeling like I have nothing new to write about, and this being a completely new year I think this calls for a new header. Again.
Because I’m that bored, that quickly. If I was allowed in a hair salon – I would go everyday to change my look. To change something – because NOTHING is changing right now.
Except that every day that goes by we’re getting closer – but it’s almost a mockery of my expectations each night when I go to bed and I’m still pregnant. Doesn’t this baby know that his/her room is ready already?!?!?! Seriously. And that we have the pack-n-play set up, and the car seat and stroller are ready to go – the blankets have all been washed and we have a name for you, whoever you are.
So come out already. This is your first order from me, as your mother. Because I said so.

One thought on “The words I swore I would never say.

  1. We’re reading all your comments on the coming wonderful event . Our first great-grandchild is very special. We’re praying daily for you, Aaron, and especialy,l a safe delivery. Love you.

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