This is the year …

Happy New Year everyone!
Aaron and I have been getting phone calls and emails in abundance wondering if we’re either in labor or have had the baby already because we haven’t updated our site or answered our phones in a timely fashion.
We’re not trying to be anti social or mean – we’ve just been very busy with New Years, work and play and getting ready for the baby.
We still don’t have one, by the way – a baby. I’m still sporting the belly.
I haven’t had much new material or any updates to put on the website so I haven’t written as often. After a while the same thing over and over again gets mundane – like how swollen my feet are.
Also – to answer many a questions – we don’t plan on calling anyone, at all, until we’ve already had the baby. Actually a few hours after we’ve already had the baby. We don’t want visitors or phone calls while we’re in labor and we want time to rest and experience this miracle after we’ve had the baby – to ourselves before we call anyone.
I don’t really want family members holding a vigil outside in the waiting room while I’m in labor and I’m going to want some time with Aaron and the baby alone after I’ve delivered before we start to see people.
I know, we’re mean. But this is our birth experience.
So – internet, family and friends … you will be in the loop – we’ll make sure to let you all know when we’ve become parents. In the mean time though – my feet are very swollen.

One thought on “This is the year …

  1. jodi and aaron-
    GOOD FOR YOU! i think its a very courageous thing to do to say no people until you’ve had time with the baby. (even if its just hours) i’m proud of you both. spend some family time with your immediate family, and then call in the troops. good job!

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