Emergency Room evening

Well for not throwing up at all during this pregnancy I sure had a bad night last night.
Let me elaborate for you.
Not once did I get sick from the onset of morning sickness, I was nauseated, sure – but never got sick and this pregnancy has, so far, been a breeze mostly. Until last night.
What a way to end a pregnancy. I have the flu. I couldn’t even keep water down – so we called the doctor and he wanted us to go to the ER to get checked out.
So I spent my night last night in ER, hooked up to and IV of fluid, throwing up. I am SO done being pregnant. The baby is fine, heartbeat is still strong and it’s moving hasn’t decreased in my sick state.
I feel so awful though – it must sound terrible to the baby when I’m getting sick, and the convulsions my stomach goes through … no wonder the baby’s been squirmy – I’d want out too. Actually, I do want out.
I have my regular scheduled doctors appointment today – so I’ll be sure to keep the site updated with progress and or what’s going on.
I’m feeling better this morning – it wasn’t until about 4 am this morning that I stopped throwing up – I took some Tylenol and ate some applesauce, all of which have stayed down thus far. This morning I’m taking it easy with water and Rice Chex, and more Tylenol.
The funny thing is last night we had planned to have a bunch of friends over to watch the premiere of our favorite TV show – ALIAS. Aaron and I always joked that I would go into labor on the premiere night and we’d both miss it. Well – it wasn’t labor, but it was the hospital and we missed the premiere all the same. How’s that for irony.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Room evening

  1. I did learn however that I need a bunch more to do when we finally do go into labor than just one book. There were times when you just wanted to relax and my one book couldn’t keep me occupied enough to stop asking if you needed me to do anything.

  2. Jodi, We sure are thinking of you so much lately, especially now that you are so close to seeing that wonderful little bundle. Hope you are feeling much better now and remember our prayers are with you.

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