2 thoughts on “36 weeks photoshoot

  1. i check out your sight once in while…just realized your going with cloth diapers (great!)… i have tried a bunch of types with my 10 month old and have found our fave (my husband and mine) to be kissaluvs… so easy! and they have teenyweeny size with snap for bellybutton too! maybe it’s too late and you have a bunch. but just in case…

  2. Hi,
    I actually chose Kissaluvs as my prefered system – we ordered a sampler pack from babynaturale.com and after playing with all the different types of diapers and covers we decided kissaluvs was the best for us too! I’m really excited to try them out and start using them.
    I think we’re going to try a few fuzzibunz for nighttime/going out as well – we’ll see how they work. They came highly recommended.

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