I have liquid issues

Chocolate milk has always been Aaron’s drink. Let me rephrase that, Milk chocolate has always been Aaron’s drink. Kind of “his thing” – something a little special I could pick up when I got groceries or on a road trip that I would always know he appriciated.
Until yesterday. Apparently I’ve never really appriciated the Milk Chocolate before – and I bought a gallon with my groceries. This morning, there is no more Milk chocolate to be had – I’ve gone and drunk the whole thing. To my defense, Aaron did get some at dinner last night and a friend had a glass too – but the rest of the entire gallon … in my belly.
I have liquid issues. I’m a freakin’ fish.

One thought on “I have liquid issues

  1. Hi from Greece! I was sitting on a beach in Crete today, catching some sun and eating ice cream, and I thought “hey! I wonder if there’s a new Schaap in the world!” So I got back to my hotel, hurriedly walked through the busy market area (where, by the way, I’m quite certain you could fulfill any of your cravings that you’ve ever had in the past 38 weeks), to the smokey but reliable internet cafe to check your site … alas, no baby, but your photos are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Props to you, the baby, and Lisa on those. Hope things stay well, and I hope to see some news about a baby soon …

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