We have a squeaker!!!

January 12, 2005 at 3:42 pm Jessica Ranae Schaap was born weighing in at 7lbs, 9oz she is 20 inches long.

Labor and delivery went smoothly – I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than the reward I was granted at the end of this long journey. Utterly speechless.

I don’t have the photos we’ve been taking on this computer – so as soon as I get them transferred or Aaron is online – we’ll have plenty-o-photos to show you all.

She is named after my cousin Jessica, who died this past summer in a car accident – we chose to give her the namesake because of the spiritual legacy Jessica left behind – because of her kind spirit, her memories and her smile. May we be so lucky to have such a daughter – and what a better way to honor her.

She is also named after my Aunt Ranae – because she is so close to my heart. My Aunt Ranae is the mother of 3 boys – and she’s one of the best mom’s I know – but she hasn’t gotten her baby girl yet, and she was a second mom, sister and best friend to me growing up – I was, in a way, her girl … and now I have a baby girl to share with everyone, especially my Aunt Ranae.

I have so much more to write and tell you about – but I finally met my baby, who is sleeping right beside me, and I can’t take my eyes off her – so internet … you will have to wait.

8 thoughts on “We have a squeaker!!!

  1. Jodi, Aaron, and Jessica;
    Blessed are you oh Lord our God ruler of the universe! I can think of nothing else to say, but blessed be God for your baby girl! Aaron, you can see a whole new depth of love for your wife in your eyes (i noticed at the hospital) and you are so full of love for your baby, and so protective. You will be a great dad! Jodi, Jessica is so lucky to have a mom like you. Dedicated to learning as much as you can, doing a ton of reading, and everythign else with-in your power to be the best mom ever. Jessica, you have some of the best parents in the whole world! You will be loved, be taught to love Jesus, and surrounded by other people who love you. Schaaps, i’m so excited for you all!
    love prayers and many blessings as this new part of your life unfolds!

  2. Congratulations Schaap family. Julie and I are very excited for you. Happy Birthday, Jessica. We can’t wait to meet you.

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