Doing awesome

Man, oh man. I love this baby girl. I can’t explain it – there are no words for the emotions she evokes. What a blessing, more than a miracle.
She has the most incredible dimples, and the cutest squeak – we call her squeaker. She’s a champ at nursing – my favorite parts of the day. And so far an awesome sleeper. She is, to say the least, the bright part of Aaron’s and my day.
It’s euphoric.

2 thoughts on “Doing awesome

  1. Jodi,
    We are so happy for you and Aaron! We are very proud to have a little baby named after our Jessica. Our whole family sends our love to yours. Me and Tara will be seeing you all soon!

  2. Oh Jodi!! I am so proud of you and baby Jessica is so beautiful! Looking at her pictures has managed to put a big lump in my throat this morning! It is making me relive the emotions I have felt twice before with my own babies! I can’t wait to see her again!(And you too, of course!) I would like to help with the bringing of meals one night this week and to help with anything you may need to catch up on. Let me know if Thursday would work for you.
    Love you!

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